Since our world at JMC is a mix of trade, manufacturing, hospitality, and shipping, affected by politics, our news page is a compendium of these issues. We hope you find out something interesting!


Flower shipments bloom for Miami port

Miami has been home to US flower imports since the 1990s, but what was once transported on a plane is being moved via ocean containers much more frequently than ever before.


You Can Stay in This Swedish Hotel for Free—If You Don’t Use Your Phone

Check in to the Hotel Bellora in Gothenburg, Sweden, to check out.


The Ultimate Guide to San Francisco in a Weekend

We are very excited to be working on a hotel in San Francisco. If you are thinking about visiting the City by the Bay, here are some tips to best to enjoy your stay!


LA-LB port warehousing nears limits

New warehousing capacity can not come online fast enough in Southern California.


Polar Vortex Triggers Coldest Arctic Outbreak in at Least Two Decades in Parts of the Midwest

The deadly polar vortex-triggered arctic temperatures are over, but the temperatures left shutdown cities, power outages, flight cancelations and several deaths in their wake.


Lashing failures caused MSC Zoe container losses

Experts claim that the January 2 accident on the MSC Zoe was caused by a lashing failure rather than a vessel design fault.