Typhoons batter China, Korea and Japan

Typhoons batter China, Korea and Japan

2018 PEAK SEASON is well underway, presenting several major challenges:

  1. Congestion at China Ports: Space at ALL China ports is fully booked in the coming 4 weeks, and carriers will only take new bookings place at least 14 days before ETD. Plan ahead!

  2. Temporary shortage of empty containers
  3. There are three major storms right now; there have been twelve named storms in the Pacific so far this season, and more are possible
  4. Schedules are in flux, as lines are pulling vessels out of rotation
  5. Rising oil costs pushing lines to raise rates and peak surcharges
  6. Threat of tariffs causing shippers to ship now, ahead of potential future tariffs.
  7. GOOD NEWS! APL's new EXX service offers an 11-day transit from Shanghai to LA. Ask your JMC Rep for this option if you need to make up for lost time!

JMC's recommendation: Call your JMC representative today. We'll help you plan ahead and book your cargo ASAP, to help you maintain your schedule.

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