CEO Linda Crawley says, “Our social media-style systems allow us to create a fun, fast, collaborative culture that stands apart.”

CEO Linda Crawley says, “Our social media-style systems allow us to create a fun, fast, collaborative culture that stands apart.”

JMC Global is re-inventing customer service for hospitality logistics by combining great expertise with incredible software

JMC Global Concierge Logistics specializes in FF&E logistics, and has managed over 2000 hospitality projects, providing freight, warehousing and installation solutions. JMC’s focus is clear: we serve our clients by delivering on their promise, providing tailored solutions using a team of experienced project managers, and using the latest app-based solutions.

According to CEO Linda Crawley, “JMC Global made the decision early on to be a customer service company first and foremost. In other words, our space is FF&E Logistics, but our business is customer service.”

A presidential suite in the Marriott Marquis Houston.

A presidential suite in the Marriott Marquis Houston.

“The shifting dynamics of today’s workplace are challenging, but JMC’s corporate culture includes solutions that enable many project managers to work from home, which is appreciated by millennials and seasoned veterans alike. It also means we are able to attract and keep top industry talent. JMC’s internal culture attracts a diverse team of employee, mirroring the diversity of our FF&E clients,” Linda said.

JMC’s worldwide network of experienced professionals are ready to deliver with expert solutions custom-tailored to each client and project.


Logistics companies are not usually regarded at the top of the customer service food chain, but JMC Global is changing that. JMC’s Concierge LogisticsTM systems and social media-style technology have proven to be a powerful catalyst for the company’s success. 

Linda notes, “JMC trademarked the term ‘Concierge Logistics’ because it perfectly captures our culture and attitude. As a service provider, we need to pro-actively engage the customer and solve problems even before they occur. 

“Let me give you a quick example of Concierge Logistics in action,” Linda continued. “One morning, a major vendor in Spain sent an urgent email to a client, but it was written in Spanish. Team JMC quickly translated the email into English, then forwarded it on to our client in Denver. All of this happened before the customer even opened their first email. Bottom line, our client was delighted, and the problem was solved.”

JMC’s proprietary project management system, where clients can directly monitor their project’s progress.

JMC’s proprietary project management system, where clients can directly monitor their project’s progress.


“The beauty of matching modern technology with a customer service strategy is that it connects all generations, and, we believe, many market segments,” said founder and COO John Crawley.

“JMC’s more senior folks provide the insight and the experience to serve the customer. That might look like a phone call or a physical visit to the client. On the other hand, the younger team members prefer using the chat function, having a web-meeting, or making a video description of the issues.”

By using a multimedia, app-oriented, system, both old and new generations are linked in communication that creates the best possible outcome, faster and more comprehensively. 

Project DNA App

“JMC’s proprietary project management interface, Project DNA, is light years ahead of anything else in the industry,” according to John. “Entirely customizable to your project and your needs, we can design it to hold, track, manage, and update your floor plans, punch lists, delivery schedules, warehouse inventory, install schedules, or anything else you can think of, all centralized in one location.

“Project DNA has an easy-to-follow news-feed that updates in real time. Everyone involved in the project can know everything that is happening and reach the information for any part of the project through multiple channels. We also post a summary of each day’s progress with photos and videos, and clients can make comments on every item and know that every layer of management will see it.”

JMC certified woman-owned firm has a wealth of experience in global logistics, comprehensive project management, and white‑glove customer service. When clients use JMC Global, they have the leader in hospitality logistics working on their behalf. 

JMC Global is trusted by major luxury brands and indie properties alike. Whether the project is a major resort destination or a B&B, a new build or a renovation, JMC will tailor their considerable resources, cutting‑edge technology, and extensive experience to meet clients’ needs. 

“Your promise is our call to action. Call JMC, and find out how good we can make you look,” Crawley says.